Embark on a Serpentine Adventure in Snekris: The Ultimate Score Attack Feeding Frenzy!

Welcome to Snekris, where your agility, strategy, and appetite for challenge are put to the ultimate test! Dive into a unique blend of classic snake gameplay and innovative gameplay mechanics designed to captivate and engage. Your mission is simple yet thrilling: achieve the highest score by smartly navigating Snekkie, your ever-hungry serpent, through a dynamic world brimming with challenge and opportunity.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

Snekris is not your ordinary snake game. Here, the goal transcends beyond merely growing long. Mastery involves controlling Snekkie's length while indulging in a strategic feast. With distinct types of food and a plethora of "special items," every bite is a step towards glory. But beware, colliding with any of the many dangerous obstacles could spell the end of your high-scoring quest.

Challenge yourself to chain up long sequences of the same food for extra points, and navigate through a maze of obstacles while strategically using a variety of boosters.

Progress through levels, earn hilarious achievements, and climb the global leaderboards. Best of all, our game is completely free to play, with no pesky microtransactions to worry about. Get ready for hours of entertainment and download now!

Snekris is a modern take on the classic snake game, with a twist. The game is easy to learn, but difficult to master. It’s a fun and challenging game for all ages!